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Big News November

Hey Lovely Readers,

It’s been a busy month. I finished the first draft of Finding the Bastion (book two in the Endless Desert series)! It’s with the editor as we speak, and after going round-and-round between us several times, it’ll be ready to format and put up for ARC reviews! So, keep a weather eye on the . . . wait. Just check BookSirens. 😂

While that is temporarily off my desk, I’m working away at plotting the next story arc for, you guessed it, the Populations Crumble: Resurgence series!

I. Am. So. Excited.

Guys, I have seen the comments. I’ve seen the reviews. I’ve seen you all asking, “Is there more to Populations Crumble? We want more!”

(Pssst . . . you didn’t think I was kidding about reading and appreciating all your reviews, did you?!)

Guys, I hear you. I love this world, too!

Well, there *finally* is. Marked, book one of the new spinoff series is coming in March of 2023. And y’all, it’s going to knock your socks off! I mean, hopefully you don’t get cold feet like me. Because, so long, socks!

We’ll be following a brand-new main character, but also getting solid cameos from all of the main cast of books 1-3. I love Sadie and Patrick too much to mess with the beautiful relationship and family they built; but . . . that doesn’t mean that they don’t have new problems to solve as the leaders, right? Right?!

Oh, and there’s one more itty-bitty thing I forgot to mention *cough, cough*

The first chapter of the new book? I snuck it into the omnibus trilogy edition as bonus content! 👀👀 If you have KU, it won’t cost you a dime to read it!

What is this first chapter? Oh, you know, just the set up for the spinoff trilogy AND meeting the new main character, Demy. She’s one tough chick, and you’re going to love her! She’s the reason you get four more books, because I was strolling along in the back yard one day, playing with the kiddos and then . . . BAM! Here’s this character, yammering about her back story and really, really wanting her own books.

Uhm, okay!  Let’s do this.

This is getting pretty long, so I better sign off for now.

Until next time . . .

K. A. Gandy

New Release – Omnibus Edition with bonus chapter from Marked!

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